Pictures from Monday : VanLover

I finally replaced my camera on Sunday so I took it downtown to play with it a bit, it never ceases to amaze me howeasy it is to get amazing pictures in this city.

After the first day I was convinced it was a quite slow compared to my first one so I took it back to the store where she assured me that it was all in my head, but she did humor me(bless her heart) by challenging  my camera and a brand new one out of the box to a start up race to see which one was faster, they were in fact exactly the same.. lol. Turns out the  memory card I had in there was the issue, problem solved.

Morale of the story I have my camera back and I am more than excited.

I don’t consider myself a photographer nor do I aspire to be one,  I just really love taking pictures and even more than that I love editing them…

So here’s the latest,there is much more where this came from  (click here) but these are my favs at the moment.

Blood Alley - Between Carall and Abbot - Gastown

From Stanley Park

The Vancouver Sun & The Province

The Elbow Room - Davie Street

2 thoughts on “Pictures from Monday : VanLover

  1. So you mentioned that you’ll never “inspire” to be a photographer, will you “aspire” to be one? Just curious.

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