Matthew Good @ The Vogue Theater

I was so excited when I found out Matt Good was touring to promote his new album Lights of Endangered Species, I have been a big fan for a couple years now and it kills me to miss a show.. This is only my second time seeing him but I have decided I will never miss another one ever again.I am truly disappointed that I did not get to see the Hospital Music Tour as I think that has to be one of my all time favorite albums, I go through phases where that’s all I listen to on repeat for days.. so amazing. He  is one of those people where you actually feel lucky to be at his show and be in the same vicinity as him while he does what he does and I have to say it’s the first concert that has ever brought me to tears.. My gf and concert buddy has been going to his shows for over 10 years and says that he just keeps getting better, I personally can’t wait for the next one… One last thing. I FREAKING love my camera.

Tryin not to geek out big time.

A picture I took at his last show that I brought for him to sign 🙂

Buy his albums here

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