Happy New Years!

Well this is my first post of the new year, few days late so I guess there goes my “blog everyday” resolution out the window.. oh well, I was setting myself up for failure anyways so I think “blog more” seems like the better choice.

I realized this year that I have never actually made a new years resolution list before, partly cause I always thought that was kinda gay but also, once again, cause I don’t really enjoy setting myself up for failure… This year is totally different however, I will be 25 half way through the year and there are a lot of things that I want to accomplish before that, if it’s on paper (blog whatever) then I kinda have to do them… right? Right.

Here’s the thing… I am going to have about 20 or so that way if  I only do 10 (or 5 let’s be realistic) I will still have accomplished something and  it won’t be like I had 3 things and did sweet fuck all..

Yes that makes sense in my head #youdontknowthehalfofit

Here she goes…

1. Finally learn how to play my dad’s guitar – been wanting to for 10 years, maybe this is the year.

2. Go somewhere outside of North America – It’s been two years I’m getting a little stir crazy

3. Learn to drive a standard – Don’t judge me.

4. Actually start building a wardrobe instead of just buying shit – this may sound dumb but it’s  important 🙂

5. Retrieve all my dad’s albums from storage and create an appropriate home for them in my apartment.

6. Transfer old family movies and dad’s videos onto DVD’s and Memory Cards – Again sounds simple but its been 10 goddamn years

7. Go visit  my grandpa on Vancouver Island

8. Visit Barkerville and the One Mile Bridge again.

9. Go on a road trip with my girlfriends – Weird I have never done this, partly cause I have never had gfs but also cause the thought of me driving long distance is terrifying.

10. Go out and enjoy my city more!

11. Take WAY more pictures and be more creative with it.

12. Start baking – but not eating lol

13. Don’t be fat – just don’t.

14. Stop being such a goddamn flake – you heard me.

15. Blog more

16. Maybe post outfits once my wardrobe isn’t so horrible – maybe

17. DO WORK – maybe this is an inside thing

18. Go snowboarding

19. Have Sunday dinners with friends – but seriously like every sunday even if we are hungover

20. Be more awesome than I was last year – come on the last 19 were decent..

That’s about all I got for now.. What’s your new years resolutions?

One thought on “Happy New Years!

  1. 2 things

    1. I thought #12 said “start barking” which I think should be added
    2. For the Sunday thing, a fun way to start that is to make it “official” and people who don’t show up pay $10 every Sunday they miss – which goes in to a communal pot and then the ‘group’ or what ever decide what that $ is eventually used for. I do this and we’re saving up for a crazy trip to Cuba where none of us plan to come back alive

    That’s all

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