Nail Art

can someone please tell me how I can make this happen on my nails 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nail Art

  1. You can find little beads like those in craft stores. So paint on your base coat and colour and while it’s still wet use tweezers or an orange stick to place the beads on. Let it dry a bit before you put on a topcoat. You will probably want to redo the topcoat everyday to keep everything on for a slong as possible.

      • Beads are what I have seen be used normally in nail art. I think they might be called bullion beads specifically. I don’t think I know what a ball bearing is because I didn’t think they were something that small.

      • yeah that makes more sense i suppose metal would be quite heavy lol I’m definitely going to try this, just practiced with polka dots and it’s not nearly as bad ass!

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