Long Exposure

I didn’t know how to make this happen for the longest time (pathetic I know but I am enrolled in a 10 week course so I will be a poser no longer) but I’ve sort of figured it out now and even though they are perfect condition a few actually turned out. The first two are obviously Vancouver and the last one was in Doolin..

I need to go out one night with a tripod and get some on a bridge or something.

Oh and here is one more from Gozo

2 thoughts on “Long Exposure

  1. I think the 3rd one is probably one of the best examples of Long exposure. You get just a tiny bit of the streaky effect, but a really good contrast of the dark night sky, and bright foreground. The main subject matter is in focus and clear, and the streak effect doesn’t take away from it. The first two are a little more typical of what most people do with nighttime shots, but not everybody thinks to set up a shot like the last one.
    The only thing I would recommend is framing your shot a little differently so that pole isn’t in the way. Move to the left a little bit, and point the camera slightly up so you get more of the sky.

    Good stuff though, I dig it.

    • Thanks! The last one was one of my first attempts on Av mode I just lucked out and had one of the only cars in doolin drive by while I was taking the picture lol I suppose I could just crop it out after but these are the unedited versions 🙂

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