The Stumblers Inn – Potatoes

I was super excited to be invited by my cousin to a video shoot she had been asked to act in for a very talented band called The Stumblers Inn,  I came for moral support mostly but of course never wanting to miss a photo opp brought my camera along and was able to snap some pretty awesome stuff. It was far too much fun to do and really happy I was able to be involved..  You can check out the video below the photos and also the pages for the very talented band and cinematographer.

     stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography

The band is called The Stumblers Inn you can find their fb here: The Stumblers Inn

it was shot by Full Fochus Van : Full Fohcus Van

The Stumblers Inn- Potatoes

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