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long hair long hair long hair long hair long hair I have been missing my long hair so much lately and I am pretty sure my hair has just stopped growing which is super sad.. any tips on how to make your hair grow faster?


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A few amazing drawing from people far more talented than I.

Do I Have To?

bedThis is just one of those days where I don’t want to get out of bed.. coffee.. now.

Costume Design : Gone With The Wind

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This is probably every girls favorite movie for one reason or another mine would have to be the costumes, hands down. I remember drawing these as a kid and attempting to sew something even close for my barbies to no avail.Why don’t people dress like this anymore?

Peacock Shoot

savannahwoodphotoggraphy3 savannahwoodphotography7 savannahwoodphotography8A couple of my favorites from  a for fun shoot I was lucky enough to be involved in.

Makeup, hair and primary photography was done by others but as second camera still managed to get some great shots!

Although with someone that’s looks like this in front of you it’s really not hard 🙂


Travel Tattoos

d6b8c50fb430644d7ba1e79ecc846ee5SEA_3426 SEA_7747 04-Surround-Yourself-with-Travels-World-Map I always thought that travel tattoos were kind of a stupid idea but how cute are these, I can’t help but kinda love them!

Kylie & Kal Maternity Photos

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My boyfriend’s cousin has got to be the most adorable pregnant woman I have ever seen, she wanted a few pictures done so I was stoked to get a chance to use my camera. It was just a quick thing for fun but I am actually really happy with how they turned out, I mean with a couple that adorable the a monkey could  have taken them but I’m happy to take credit for them. I have really lucked out in having beautiful people around me to take photos of!