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long hair long hair long hair long hair long hair I have been missing my long hair so much lately and I am pretty sure my hair has just stopped growing which is super sad.. any tips on how to make your hair grow faster?


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A few amazing drawing from people far more talented than I.

Peacock Shoot

savannahwoodphotoggraphy3 savannahwoodphotography7 savannahwoodphotography8A couple of my favorites from  a for fun shoot I was lucky enough to be involved in.

Makeup, hair and primary photography was done by others but as second camera still managed to get some great shots!

Although with someone that’s looks like this in front of you it’s really not hard 🙂


My Monday…

My 3 Favorite Trends for Spring 2012:

  • Perfect Pastels – Never been a pastel person before (partly cause of my paleness and also because I spill things) but this year I can’t wait to stock up on ice cream colored hues! As well as dry cleaning bills 😉
  • Mad Women – Huge fan of anything vintage or vintage inspired and I love when 50’s is back in style. Prada’s Spring 2012 campaign is no exception. These heels are beyond amazing!

  • Ab Fab –  I really dislike having any part of my stomach showing however there is no denying that there is something incredibly sexy about just that little bit of skin peeking out. Still undecided on if I will take part in this trend but I definitely love the look.

My 3 Favorite Beauty Trends For Spring:

Much like my favorite fashion trends these are basically all 50’s inspired.. Bigger is better and more is more that’s all there is to it.

  • Winged Eyeliner – Tricky to do but once you have mastered it there is no going back.

  • Bright Lips – Okay maybe not this bright.

  • Big Hair – Think curlers, hairsprays and 50’s curls.