Just In Case..

Anyone feels like buying me presents 🙂

Michael Kors Rose Golden Oversized Chronograph Watch


Vintage Chanel

The first sunny day in Vancouver inspired this look. Most everything is vintage with the exception of a few of the pieces of Chanel jewelry and the Alexander McQueen Heels.  I love the versatility of top as well as almost everything else here even though it’s a very eclectic vintage look these pieces worn with other items could be dressed up or down.

Gorgeous Jackets for Spring!


Rick Owens High Neck Extended Jacket 2,185  ///O-201 Harlan Blazer $370 ///High Collar Leather Jacket $2,145

Dahlia Asymmetric Leather Jacket $515 /// Leather button jacket $475 /// Muubaa Jacket Decorate $530


Blazer Moletom Detalhe Couro /// Lilac Co-Ordinating Linen Blazer $115 /// Drape Crepe Tux Jacket $145

Modstrom Blazer Ofu $165 /// Black sateen pocket blazer $40 /// Rochas Shantung-silk jacket $650