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These photos were taken in Luang Prabang which was my first stop in Laos. I don’t know why I didn’t take more photos while I was here. Such an insane amount of beauty tucked away in the mountains. I may sound like a broken record but for real if you go to S.E.A. you simply cannot miss Laos. Beautiful country filled with beautiful people.

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Today Has Been Cancelled


Do I Have To?

bedThis is just one of those days where I don’t want to get out of bed.. coffee.. now.

Photograhy : David LaChapelle


 Liv-Tyler davidlachappellephotography 010 83975-milla-jovovich-david-lachapelle-photoshoot00pamelaandersondavidlachappelle chapelle1 david-lachapelle-2 david-lachapelle-2009 David-LaChapelle-final2 davidlachapplle JESUS-IS-MY-HOMEBOYObsessed with the colors and contrast in these photos. Not to mention the fact that they are all super badass.

Eco Fashion Week Day 3 : Robson Square


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