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These photos were taken in Luang Prabang which was my first stop in Laos. I don’t know why I didn’t take more photos while I was here. Such an insane amount of beauty tucked away in the mountains. I may sound like a broken record but for real if you go to S.E.A. you simply cannot miss Laos. Beautiful country filled with beautiful people.

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Today Has Been Cancelled


Do I Have To?

bedThis is just one of those days where I don’t want to get out of bed.. coffee.. now.

Photograhy : David LaChapelle


 Liv-Tyler davidlachappellephotography 010 83975-milla-jovovich-david-lachapelle-photoshoot00pamelaandersondavidlachappelle chapelle1 david-lachapelle-2 david-lachapelle-2009 David-LaChapelle-final2 davidlachapplle JESUS-IS-MY-HOMEBOYObsessed with the colors and contrast in these photos. Not to mention the fact that they are all super badass.

Eco Fashion Week Day 3 : Robson Square


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Wandering Around UBC

I blame my lack of content on the fact that I murdered my laptop over the weekend, it’s strange apparently you can’t drop a computer on hardwood. Who knew. Also my bf was home and it was fashion week. Anyways, Monday was a beautiful day and instead of sitting home and staring at that sad blue screen we decided to go out and enjoy the gorgeous day. Here are some shots from the Cecil House at UBC.

I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it is out there I really want to go back and do a proper shoot.


IMG_5122 IMG_5158 IMG_5165 IMG_5172 IMG_5174 IMG_5180 IMG_5184

Vintage Photos Of Paris



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Future Home : Wall Hangings


It could be done with stamps, postcards (small ones) and even little Polaroids would be super cool.