Memories from Amsterdam


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flower marker.jpg

Can I just travel for the rest of my life please?

Dream House

Oh hai, I live on a canal in Amsterdam… and this is my boat.

Blue Skies

This is one of my favorite shots from Amsterdam, the architecture is so incredible there.

Hint Of Blue

I think this will need to go on my wall.

June 4th 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

EuroTrip 2012

Two more days!!

Hotels and flights are booked finally and all that’s left to do is laundry and packing..My suitcase is on a strict Vero Moda, Billabong and Iris  diet with a few H&M pieces thrown in there so it all matches, its all interchangeable and washes easy.. Maybe I will be able to take some outfit shots that are actually interesting for once.. maybe.

 I feel like this is going to be such an amazing way to start off what I am expecting to be an amazing summer and also a pretty killer way to get better acquainted with my new camera 🙂

These are the 4 main destinations but I’m sure much more exploring is about to go down.