Paris : Photoshopped

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Vintage Photos Of Paris



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Street Style – Paris Fashion Week

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Pere Lachaise

One of the biggest highlights of Paris had to be Pere Lachaise and finally seeing Jim Morrison’s grave site. I have wanted to come here since I was about 8 years old, far too young to even like The Doors but I was obsessed. I have to say I am glad that my love for JM brought me here because it is freaking cool. There are so many famous people here including Oscar Wilde’s tomb which I did not see cause we had a full day and that place is beyond enormous.

Outfit Post: Paris Day 2

(Dress) H&M (Sweater) Vero Moda (Watch) Michael Kors (Belt & Bag) Exposure

The first (and sort of only) Day in Paris we woke up bright and early, had an amazing breakfast and then hopped on the metro to Pere Lachaise in search of Jim Morrison’s grave site. It took us a little while to find it but we did and it was amazing, a very simple headstone and in comparison to the rest of the crypts in the area nothing to write home about, the fact that that’s where he is buried means a whole lot to me. I could have spent hours in that place taking pictures but we only had one day and wanted to fit as much in as possible so on we went.

The next stop was  Montmartre but had to go through some rather intense incredibly hot markets to get there.. Okay we could have went around but I wanted to be a tourist and buy souvenirs :).Great views of the city but nothing compared to the top of Arc Du Triomphe which had crazy views of the Eiffel Tower and all the streets that surround it.. Too be honest we had big plans for the day but decided to have a few pints and sort of wandered around the rest of the night and trust me there is nothing wrong with wandering in Paris.

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The First Night in Paris

The first night in Paris we went out for a few drinks then ventured to the Eiffel Tower, made it just in time  to see it sparkling and then stayed around to take a million pictures.. When it started to sparkle again we knew it was time to go have another drink! Besides an early night was needed after a long journey from Vancouver to Paris via  London and I had planned a huge first day  🙂

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EuroTrip 2012

Two more days!!

Hotels and flights are booked finally and all that’s left to do is laundry and packing..My suitcase is on a strict Vero Moda, Billabong and Iris  diet with a few H&M pieces thrown in there so it all matches, its all interchangeable and washes easy.. Maybe I will be able to take some outfit shots that are actually interesting for once.. maybe.

 I feel like this is going to be such an amazing way to start off what I am expecting to be an amazing summer and also a pretty killer way to get better acquainted with my new camera 🙂

These are the 4 main destinations but I’m sure much more exploring is about to go down.