Window Dressing At Its Finest


Chanel @ The Forum Shops, LV

Chanel @ The Forum Shops, LV

Chanel @ The Forum Shops, LV

Let’s Go!

Okay, so I may or may not have started packing on Saturday… At least I’m well prepared right?

I have thought out just about every outfit in my head, tried to edit it down and I’m proud to report  that my suitcase is tightly packed (but not overstuffed) and 50lbs under. BOOYAH.

I scored the perfect carry-on at work and even with my computer in there (and all my other bullshit) it’s even under weight. Oh and I think I have discovered the perfect plane outfit.

I was going to post a picture of my suitcase but how much more fun is the one I chose.

The Vegas Bucket List

These are in no specific order, nor do I plan to accomplish all of them.. but if I don’t put it on a list it won’t happen so here she goes.

1. Take an epic Vegas picture of all three of us – we managed to get a fairly epic picture that just happened to include a couple that had just been married by elvis.. did I mention he sang Viva Las Vegas afterwards? It was pretty awesome.

2.  Grand Canyon – Check.. pretty grand.

3. MAGIC Trade Show – Rachel Zoe, Jeffrey Campbell – Rachel Zoe just turned out to be shoes which weren’t very exciting however I did see her line in Neiman Marcus, I was carrying a rather large booze filled beverage so I didn’t want to get too close.

4. Cirque du Soleil

5. Holly Madison Peepshow Okay to be honest we heard the Holly Madison one sucked so we did the X Burlesque show instead and it was incredible.. highly recommended.

6. Eat at the best buffet ever  Decent one anyways.. obviously didn’t take any pictures there lol

7. Titanic Museum  And it was amazing.

8. Ride roller coaster at New York, New York – It was ****ing terrifying.

9. Go for boat ride in the canals at the Venetian – Saw the canals took pictures no boat ride though. I don’t like lines 🙂

10. Go see Pawn Stars shop

11. Death Valley. – Okay not death valley but we went to a ranch so I’ll count it.

12. Neon Graveyard

13. Helicopter tour of the strip

14. In & Out Burger

15. UFO Hwy or Area 51

16. Pub crawl

17. Go to the spot where Tupac was shot. – Stopped there for gas without realizing then recognized the area from pictures.

18. Ice bar at Mandalay Bay

19. House of Blues Feb 17th  Rockstar Karaoke

20. Rainforest Café

21. Drive an exotic car

22. Rat Pack or Elvis show.. even a bad one.

23. See the Freemont Experience in old Vegas. – Very cool, the actual light show sucked big time but the old timers with their stories and the cheap booze is fully worth the 20$ cab ride.

24. Get Tattooed

25. Margaritaville. All the tables were boats, I enjoyed this.