Nha Trang – Beach Day

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This was one of the only days that I actually spent on the beach and that was pretty much only because there were a few hours to kill before catching the sleeper bus to the next town. After a pretty sweet day which included a lot of lobster and beer  I was pretty bummed I didn’t think of it sooner, for how many days I ended up being there I honestly can’t think of another time that I actually just laid on the beach and chilled out.

Day At The Beach – Hoi An, Vietnam


Isle of Gozo

There is a tiny island off the coast of Malta called Gozo, it rivals Maya bay as the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. I know no one will believe me but my camera was on auto mode the whole trip and these are unedited. The color of the water is like nothing I have ever seen, the turquoise I am used to having lived in Australia but this is an azure pool blue that is SO amazing. Only stayed two nights in Gozo but the little hotel we stayed at was super cute and had a very nice view.

These photos unlike the ones above are edited, for fun.

Summer In The City

Okay fine, I’ll admit I’ve become slightly addicted to this Retro app but they all come out so cute I can’t help it..

Also I don’t have a camera anymore, (don’t wanna talk about it) so I have to take them on my phone or it will be the summer of no picture.. how sad.