Street Style

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Style Shots

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Missing Malta



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Memories from Amsterdam


IMG_5358 IMG_5356 IMG_5354 IMG_5337 IMG_5063345345 IMG_5543876987.jpgIMG_5282 IMG_499739875345.jpg IMG_503343545634 IMG_557445345345.jpg IMG_50219356845345.jpg IMG_5016765765765444.jpg

flower marker.jpg

Can I just travel for the rest of my life please?

Long Exposure

I didn’t know how to make this happen for the longest time (pathetic I know but I am enrolled in a 10 week course so I will be a poser no longer) but I’ve sort of figured it out now and even though they are perfect condition a few actually turned out. The first two are obviously Vancouver and the last one was in Doolin..

I need to go out one night with a tripod and get some on a bridge or something.

Oh and here is one more from Gozo