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Chiara Ferragni – Steal Her Style

Chiara Ferragni - Steal Her Style
Chiara Ferragni


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A few amazing drawing from people far more talented than I.

Eco Fashion Week Day 3 : Robson Square


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Inspired : The Coveteur

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I have been pinning and tumbling these photos since long before I even know what The Coveteur was. After I hit the mother-load on their website I was hooked. This is the exact style of photography I love. It has that washed-out over exposed glow much like my favorite photographer of all time Ellen Von Unwerth. I try to achieve this almost every time I do a shoot however at this point they have just come out super white and not very well done.. Practice, Practice, Practice

Photography – Magnus Unnar



Wildfox Sleepwear 2013


WILDFOX_PAJAMAS_-16 WILDFOX_PAJAMAS_-34 WILDFOX_PAJAMAS_-37 WILDFOX_PAJAMAS_-88 WILDFOX_PAJAMAS_-116I’m not sure if I love this collection or the photos more, there is something about this shoot that I am in love with.

What’s your favorite?