Lady Gaga – Born This Way Ball 2013

I went to see the Born This Way Ball on January 11th at Rogers Arena and I was completely blown away.. I have seen Gaga once before at the QueenE and figured it would be a hard show to top seeing as how small the venue was and the fact that we were 9th row but this was insane. I killed he battery on my camera and on my phone so I didn’t get as many videos as I would have liked but I got a TON of photos!

Vogue September 2012 + Gaga + Marc Jacobs

I may have mentioned this before but I sort of live for the September issue of Vogue, the fact that it takes almost a full week (sometimes two) to come out in Canada actually kills me a little on the inside ever month..

This was the first thing I saw this morning and it made  my whole day, I so look forward to buying this and spending the afternoon reading it cover to cover with a big ol’ cup of tea.