Laotian Snapshots

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Laos was hands down the most beautiful part of this trip and it’s crazy to me that I haven’t posted anything on it yet. I’ve been editing like crazy and have a few ready finally. There are so many more to come but this is a start. These were taken in Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. I have a hard time picking a favorite because they were both so gorgeous. Definitely worth the trip to go there if you are doing the S.E.A. route.


Doolin, Co. Clare

Nothing says Ireland quite like sitting in a pub listening to a  band play fiddles and banjos with rolling meadows in the background, of course if I was a champ I would have been drinking Guinness but in true girl fashion had wine instead (beer makes me sleepy, don’t judge).. See the rest here

Texada Island & Sunshine Coast

So photos from a few weeks ago on Texada Island, never made it on here I guess!

It’s just so beautiful there, love it.

Mdina – Silent City

This is quite possibly the coolest most legit place I have ever been..

It’s basically a city made of limestone building that have been passed down from ancestors through generations, so if you live there you are living in your great great great great great (you get the idea) grandparents place. So incredible.

Had to rush through so didn’t get too many pictures but its a very interesting place.

see the rest of the album here

My Sunday Night

So I started by watching this home video from when I was 4 and then I got into the pictures.. It’s a sort of when you give a mouse a cookie situation. Anyways, my floor and table are covered with pictures and for some reason have decided all my photo albums need to be re-arranged.. I know how to have a good time.