Rachel Zoe Headquarters

Can you say dream job?

Rachel_Zoe_Closet-008_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-006_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-015_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-019_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-011_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-020_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-018_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-014_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-002_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-012_5 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-001_5

(all images from The Coveteur)

Rachel Zoe Resort 2013

I usually hate posting more than three or four photos on here but Rachel Zoe is more than worth it

Marchesa – Resort 2013

The great thing about looking through Marchesa’s collections (other than the obvious fabulousness) is you just know that someone incredible is going have a serious red carpet moment in one of these amazing gowns.

The blue one looks like something that Rachel Zoe would fight to the death for.

What’s your favorite?