Summer In The City

Okay fine, I’ll admit I’ve become slightly addicted to this Retro app but they all come out so cute I can’t help it..

Also I don’t have a camera anymore, (don’t wanna talk about it) so I have to take them on my phone or it will be the summer of no picture.. how sad.

Summer? Is that you?

I hate to jynx this amazing weather by calling it “summertime” and even as I type this I can see those grey clouds hovering just to remind us it isn’t quite summer yet!  I don’t care tho I’m busting out the dresses and flip flops even if it means freezing my little butt off. I’m working in the Yaletown store today all by my lonesome so I’m praying this sun stays out and there are lots of people out and about today buying things!!  Hope everyone gets to go out and enjoy at least some of this day!