Meeting Monkeys – Koh Samui, Thailand

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Tiger Zoo in Thailand

sriracha tiger zoo sriracha tiger zoo sriracha tiger zoo sriracha tiger zoosriracha tiger zoosriracha tiger zoosriracha tiger zooAs you can see there aren’t really any pictures of tigers on this tiger zoo post. The main reason is that the tiger portion of this zoo was actually pretty sad and I don’t really support the zoo thing as a whole. I did get picked up by an elephant though so that was pretty cool I guess.. As you can tell from the pictures I was super nervous hence the ridiculous smile.

Booked & Ready To Go!

So much to do in the next three weeks that if I didn’t have something so incredible to look forward to I would be going completely crazy! One of the many amazing things about South East Asia is that you don’t really have to (or want to) bring anything, the weather is perfect everyday so clothing is kept to a minimum and let’s be honest  this girl isn’t going on many hiking excursions so flip-flops should do me just fine.  We booked our extremely last-minute flights yesterday, joys of having a wonderful boyfriend with a not so wonderful *ahem unpredictable* job 🙂 so I guess it’s really happening! As per usual it won’t feel real until we are on our way to the airport but  oh how I love having that ticket in my hand. The plan is to land in Bangkok then head straight to a beach, our friend will be traveling with us for the first 12 days so we will take it easy in the beginning then get down to checking as much as we possibly can off the list…Yes, there will  be a South East Asia 2013 Bucket List. Here’s a few photos of what I am looking forward too!

bai_bien_nha_trang Vietnam5_23_HoiAn_StormsApproachBeach 1317028525_2009_11_23_11_33_26_625_Hoi an Pattaya3 (Vietnam) - Hoi An - Full moon celebrations hoi-an kohchang5 a-classic-lao-shot-_5051 lao-issara-day 8685073-kuang-si-waterfalls-in-luang-prabang-laos Pattaya-Bay

Tying Up Loose Ends

Well it’s finally official! I have given notice at my apartment and job, taken care of everything I will need for the next month and bought a backpack.. Thailand 2013 WOOT!   The thought of landing in Bangkok just gives me butterflies I can’t believe we are going back already, even though it feels like a million years ago it really has only been 4 years since I flew home from Asia. There really is no better feeling than preparing for a big journey is there? The anticipation kills me.

Picture 152840926_10150259150815093_5172789_n179064_10150406149955093_1594010_nkohsamui

Travel Tuesday : Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Maya Bay August 2009 - Taken by Moi - Click for the full image!

I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of places in my short 24 years and Maya Bay is without a doubt the most beautiful one yet. If you are in Phuket or Krabi it’s a must see however beware of the boat ride if you happen to be there in the rainy season like I was, she can be rather choppy.

Two Years Ago Today

I left Australia bound for Thailand… That trip changed my life.