Peacock Shoot

savannahwoodphotoggraphy3 savannahwoodphotography7 savannahwoodphotography8A couple of my favorites from  a for fun shoot I was lucky enough to be involved in.

Makeup, hair and primary photography was done by others but as second camera still managed to get some great shots!

Although with someone that’s looks like this in front of you it’s really not hard 🙂


Christmas 2013

IMG_6401rezied IMG_6430 IMG_6433 IMG_6459 IMG_6463 IMG_6558 IMG_6577 IMG_6586 IMG_6591 IMG_6595

Wandering Around UBC

I blame my lack of content on the fact that I murdered my laptop over the weekend, it’s strange apparently you can’t drop a computer on hardwood. Who knew. Also my bf was home and it was fashion week. Anyways, Monday was a beautiful day and instead of sitting home and staring at that sad blue screen we decided to go out and enjoy the gorgeous day. Here are some shots from the Cecil House at UBC.

I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it is out there I really want to go back and do a proper shoot.


IMG_5122 IMG_5158 IMG_5165 IMG_5172 IMG_5174 IMG_5180 IMG_5184

Nicole Bridger : Eco Fashion Week

Making up for the couple days I missed. I thought I had posted one yesterday but I forgot. Oh well.

Last night I attended the Nicole Bridger show for Eco Fashion Week which was a great show and good fun.

Didn’t get too many photos but here they are!

 nicolebridgerrunway1   nicolebridgerrunway2nicolebridgershow1nicolebridgerandmenicolebridgershow2



Life Via Instagram

The Stumblers Inn – Potatoes

I was super excited to be invited by my cousin to a video shoot she had been asked to act in for a very talented band called The Stumblers Inn,  I came for moral support mostly but of course never wanting to miss a photo opp brought my camera along and was able to snap some pretty awesome stuff. It was far too much fun to do and really happy I was able to be involved..  You can check out the video below the photos and also the pages for the very talented band and cinematographer.

     stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotographystumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography stumblersinnsavannahwoodphotography

The band is called The Stumblers Inn you can find their fb here: The Stumblers Inn

it was shot by Full Fochus Van : Full Fohcus Van

The Stumblers Inn- Potatoes