Nha Trang By Night

nhatrangbynight nhatrangbynight nhatrangbynightI wouldn’t say that I had the best experience in Nha Trang which I am sure was mostly due to timing but I can say for sure that it was one of the more beautiful stops on this trip. The beaches remind me of Hawaii and the sunsets are to die for. It is absolutely as stunning as the pictures portray. Just maybe give it a miss on Vietnamese independence day if you look and sound American.

Nha Trang – Beach Day

IMG_5646IMG_5679IMG_5624IMG_5619IMG_5667lobsterIMG_5676IMG_5683 IMG_5652

This was one of the only days that I actually spent on the beach and that was pretty much only because there were a few hours to kill before catching the sleeper bus to the next town. After a pretty sweet day which included a lot of lobster and beer  I was pretty bummed I didn’t think of it sooner, for how many days I ended up being there I honestly can’t think of another time that I actually just laid on the beach and chilled out.

Hanoi, Vietnam – Capital City

So far there has been no rhyme or reason to the travel posts I have put up. They have not been in order of how the trip went and they were also about 6 months late but as with everything else on this blog better late than never right? I also realize that I haven’t included much by way of explanations for anything which I will try to add more of in the future but for now I hope you enjoy the photos and feel free to ask any questions you have about my experiences while there.

This post will not be much different except to say that these were all taken  while in the northern city of Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam. It was pretty uneventful there, only really went to see Halong bay which was a short but amazing trip that I will post in the future. I believe only three days were allocated to Hanoi as Laos seemed like a much nicer place to spend the little time that was left in the trip.  I stayed in a lovely little place in  Hanoi called Little Hanoi Hotel X2.  The owners were wonderful and beyond helpful booking me everything from day trips to cabs to the mall to flights out of the country. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a cheap safe place while in Hanoi.. Click here to find them online. Here are some pics from my few days there!

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Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica – Vietnam

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilicasaigon-vietnamsaigon-vietnamsaigon-vietnamsaigon-vietnamsaigon-vietnamsaigon-vietnamSaigon Notre-Dame BasilicaSaigon Notre-Dame Basilica Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica


24 Hours in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam






War Remnants Museum – Saigon

warmuseum-saigonwarmuseum-saigonwarmuseum-saigonwarmuseum-saigon warmuseum-saigon warmuseum-saigon warmuseum-saigon warmuseum-saigon warmuseum-saigon2 warmuseum-saigon

Day At The Beach – Hoi An, Vietnam